Local Moving Company

Lafayette Moving Services has been in the moving industry for years and we have ensured that clients have the best quality whenever they contact us. We operate in Lafayette and its environs and are always ready to assist a customer.

We are primarily dedicated to satisfying our client's needs for a successful move. This is why we have ensured that all our employees are well trained and experienced in Moving Services. It doesn't matter which kind of moving you may require as we will ensure that we get you there safely.

You can contact us for any office relocation, residential moving or special services within Lafayette and we will oblige. Our speciality is to come in and eliminate the stress which comes with moving. This is because we are the best moving company in the state.

Our years in the industry has also enabled us to model and remodel our business structure so as to ensure that clients receive the best services. We make it a priority to deliver reliable services to clients whenever they contact us for any Moving Services.

Below are some of the services which we offer to clients who contact us for local Moving Services.

Full Service Moving. This type of move will have you relinquish your authority to our movers and step aside as we work to relocate your belongings. When you contact us for full service moving, be assured that our movers will handle everything starting from the planning, packing and shipping of your property. We will also unload and unpack all your belongings in your new premises.

Storage Services. We have a storage facility where you can store your belongings before you can ship them to your new address. Our storage facility is secure and has a special air conditioning to ensure that all items stored in are okay.

Packing and unpacking. If you need help packing and unpacking your property then Lafayette will help you through the whole process. We have trained our employees to handle any kind of packing or unpacking. They will ensure that all items are handled with care.