Moving Checklist

When preparing for a move, its best to have a break down of the move into stages which are easier to follow and manage. Below is a short checklist which you can follow:

Weeks Before The Move

Make sure to get rid of all unwanted items. you can arrange a garage sale so as to dispose of these items before the actual moving date.

Make arrangements to secure a parking slot closer to your house for up to 4 hours during the move.

Notify important people of your new address.

Get packing Supplies in advance.

Days Before The Move

Take down and pack all pictures and hanging items.

Make sure all loose items and electronics are packed.

Remove all fragile items from dressers and desks.

Remove blankets and linens from beds and pack them up.

Pack a bag with toiletries to keep with you for the first night.

On The Moving Date

Secure designated parking as close to your house as possible

disassemble any item which may be difficult to move.

Follow the packing tips we have given you for a successful move.