Packing and Wrapping Services

We Handle All The Packing Services For You.

One of the most important aspects of moving is packing and unpacking properly before a scheduled move. When your property is properly packed, you can rest easy and be assured that there will not be any damages to your belongings during the relocation. Sometimes this process can be stressful than the actual move. We understand this and this is why Lafayette Moving Services will help you packed all your possessions. We have trained packers who are professional and will handle all your belongings with care regardless of the fragility, quality or value.

So here are a few packing options which have been tailor-made to fit your need.

Full Pre-Boxing

If you are too busy or don't want to pack your belongings, our movers will step in, identify items which need protection and help you pack. We will bring all the packing materials required to handle any fragile item such as antiquities or regular items such as shoes, dishes and so much more. This type of packing is for all those clients who are busy and do not have any time for packing.

Full Packing

In this type of packing, we will offer the full pre-boxing plus the furniture packing. We will help you prepare your property ready to load onto the trucks.

Some Items

You can choose different items from your possession such as glassware, artwork, dishes, e.t.c and we will efficiently pack the using the best wrapping materials and handle them with care using up to date techniques.

Do It Yourself Packing

We can give you all the packing supplies required and you can pack your property in your prefered time. This option is best for people who have time to spare or they are not too busy.


After all, is packed and done, there is a component which will remain and that is unpacking. When you request unpacking in your moving package, we will kindly oblige. We will carefully unpack all your boxes and place them in the rooms or spaces you pick.

Long Distance/ International Packing

This type of packing is specifically for long distance moving. If you intend to cross state lines or country then you will need specialised packing. Our packing experts will box the items, cover furniture and shrink wrap all moving pads to make sure that each item reaches its destination intact.