Smart Packing Tips

Moving day will be on your before you know it and the key to a smooth relocation is preparation. It is important that you take tie of your schedule to plan ahead and get organized before the actual moving day. This will ensure that you have less to worry about on the D-day.

If you are not sure where to start, we are here to assist you. We have put together tips which will help you get started and have you experience the best moving day ever.

You should know that moving preparations do not start with the actual packing. It starts even before you can actually touch the items in your possession. Moving starts when you get enough packing supplies. There is nothing worse than scrambling to pack on the last day and not having enough packing materials. So here are tips to guide you through the packing process.

Order Enough Packing Supplies

Get researching packing materials and their prices so as to budget for them. Make sure that you get enough packing supplies as it is better to have more than enough than less. It's better to be safe than sorry. You can order you packing supplies from Lafayette Moving Services and we will return all unused materials back when you are done with packing.

Pack in All Sizes

Get a variety of box sizes. make sure that you think carefully about what you are packing and get different sizes. Furniture and huge electronics will need large boxes while small items may need smaller boxes. This will give you options when packing and it is easier to sort out.

Don't Forget Other Moving Supplies

Moving supplies do not refer to only boxes but rather there are tapes, wraps and so much More. You can contact us for your moving supplies and we will ensure that you have the full checklist of materials you need to pack your property efficiently.

Keep Fragile Items Safe

Seclude all items and pack them with care. make sure that you label these items as fragile so as to warn the movers and have them place these items in the right places in the truck.

Paper Packing

Fragile items should be packed with proper packing paper instead of newspaper to avoid stains, scratches or smears. Contact us today for packing supplies, this way you will use the proper supplies and avoid damaging your belongings.

Best Packing Practises

When you take your time to pack your belongings, be assured that your move will be successful. It will also make unpacking much easier when you reach your destination. Follow the tips below to ensure that you have a successful moving experience.

Label your boxes. Make sure that each box is labelled clearly so that you can know what is inside and which room it will be placed in. This makes unpacking easier and stress-free.

The Golden Rule. Never overpack a box. it is important to note that heavier items need a smaller box as it is easier to move them. Save the large boxes for lighter items but hard to carry independently.

One Box per Room. Do not mix items from different rooms. pack the same room in the same box so as to make unpacking easier.

No Packing on the Moving Day. Make sure that you pack way before the moving day and when it actually arrives you will have one less stress to think of. This also includes moving art and pictures from the walls. Moving day should be about shipping your belongings.

Tips When Working With Movers

You have contacted your mover and there are here to help you have a successful move. You can help them by making sure that all the information they require is readily available. But here is a few things which you can do ease their work during the move.

Last In, First Out. Tell the movers which items you need unloaded first at your new home when loading the trucks. This way, there is not searching for particular boxes or important items.

Finish Packing Before Moving Day. Have everything ready before the actual day. It will be a hindrance for a successful move when the movers find you packing your belongings.

Keep Important Items With You. Make sure that all valuables are with you at all times. You might need to access these items during relocation and its nice for the movers not to worry about any valuables packed at the back.

Sort Out Details Beforehand. Make sure that you secure a parking space near your house for the movers. This will eliminate all limitations when loading the truck.

Prepare your Furniture. Remove all breakables from dressers and desks so that the movers can have an easy time lifting them.